Called in as reinforcements, the technical services of UNamur, found that the site was in fact hiding a tank of several hundred liters. Inside ? A liquid, dark brown, rather suspicious, but with a slightly sweet smell!

On the basis of a sample, a laboratory of the Department of Biology, supported by colleagues from chemistry, physics, pharmacy and medicine, detected that the substance was in fact made up of the best Belgian chocolate molecules and did not present any toxic danger for humans. The analysis was confirmed by the teams of the UNamur university restaurant, who were able to taste a few drops of the precious beverage.

Supported by the Rector's Council, which includes a number of sweet tooths, the teams mobilized to create, in record time, a chocolate factory worthy of the one imagined by Roald Dah and his famous Charlie! For example, experts from the Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences and Management worked on building a business model, while lawyers finalized the legal framework of this new organization and computer scientists developed an artificial intelligence capable of developing the best chocolate egg recipe in the world! A world first in every respect, thanks to the interdisciplinary work of UNamur members.

Since then, the activity is in full swing on campus to produce delicious little chocolate eggs "made in UNamur". Students, academics, scientists, administrative, technical and management staff have been requisitioned and have put on their best kitchen apron for this important operation!

We also learn that contacts are underway with the Bishopric of Namur... Objective? To establish a partnership to supply the bells of the Cathedral of Saint-Aubain with small eggs from UNamur, which in a few days will have to make the rounds of the gardens of the people of Namur.