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Quantum technologies exploit the principles of quantum physics to manipulate information and computation in radically different ways to those possible with conventional technologies. They promise major scientific upheavals, particularly in the fields of computing, communications and metrology. The ARTEMIS project is motivated by the urgent need for new quantum light sources with unprecedented versatility, flexibility and performance.

Its main objective is to exploit new concepts for the development of innovative quantum materials to be used as sources of single or entangled photons, while controlling their emission on command. To meet this challenge, ARTEMIS will benefit from the expertise of ten leading universities and research centers from six different European countries, bringing together a wide range of theoretical and methodological skills in cutting-edge quantum device research.

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UNamur's contribution will be provided by Yves Caudano, F.R.S.-FNRS qualified researcher, member of the NaXys and NISM Institutes and the UR-LLS (Lasers and Spectroscopies Laboratory) research unit. It will focus on the development of customized optical and laser facilities for advanced spectroscopic and quantum analyses, together with their theoretical modeling, and on the design of protocols exploiting weak quantum measurements to build ultra-sensitive analysis devices operating at very low light intensities.

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UNamur's expertise in quantum physics

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At UNamur, several researchers are working on these quantum technologies and the foundations of quantum mechanics, at the frontiers of several disciplines: mathematics, computer science, chemistry and physics. The ARTEMIS project will thus be able to benefit from solid expertise in quantum physics, as well as from the research momentum generated by the ARC Quantum weak measurements (WeaM) project, in which Yves Caudano, in collaboration with Timoteo Carletti, Dominique Lambert and Bertrand Hespel, is tackling the theoretical foundations, experimental approach and philosophy of quantum physics.

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ARTEMIS is supported by Horizon Europe under the EIC Path Finder program (grant number: 101115149).