This novel was born during the first confinement, from the vivid and realistic imagination of the passionate UNamur researcher André Fűzfa. At the root of this work is a disturbing observation. Science fiction has instilled simplistic and dangerous visions in popular culture: that interstellar travel is as easy as going on holiday by car and that the exodus to the stars will ultimately save humanity. Based on his research on the subject, the author delivers in this novel a realistic evocation of this old dream, which denounces its immense cost for humanity and its cruel and mercantile misuse.

A fable of cosmic convergence, the book is also intended to be a tool for the dissemination of knowledge and is completed by a popularisation appendix that will enable enthusiasts to discover the science behind the novel. André Fűzfa has written his second book, "À l'appel des étoiles". His first book, "À chaque battement de nos coeurs vaillants" (published in 2020 by Weyrich) was a testimony of life, facing an incurable disease.

In "À l'appel des étoiles", which follows the trajectory of the characters Sarah, Alim and Bob, you will discover, among other things, how one surfs at full speed on the space-time around a black hole. Through the protagonists, it will address current issues such as transhumanism, the emergence of consciousness in artificial intelligence, the relationship between science and faith from the angles of anticipation and fiction.

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You too have heard it, haven't you? What would you do if this driving force of humanity were to be perverted? If your oldest dream turned into a nightmare? How far would you go to save the call of the stars? No man can stop this dangerous deviation, but one moon girl, Sarah Holdfény, will. Alim didn't have much of a choice: die here or die there. So God wanted him to follow her, among the heavens he created, where there are so many signs for intelligent beings. Then, since nothing happens by chance, he will know how to prove himself worthy of His trust. His creators deny him the title of living being, and yet he loves it. For one is alive when one loves, isn't that so? He loves it when it dreams, and when it takes him with it, in pursuit of the light. Bob is alive because he exists only to fly. And to fly with her. Beyond the lust of men, Sarah, Alim and Bob will discover cosmic issues that are beyond us. Abandoned shadows, marauding in search of redemption. And they have a warning for all those who are tempted to surrender to the call of the stars.

"À l'appel des étoiles" (364 pages), published by Publishroom as a print-on-demand book, to be ordered in bookshops or online on Publishroom, Amazon, Fnac, Cultura, Decitre.

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