What are your priorities?

I'd like to continue the work we've been doing over the last few years by making students real players in the life of our university. We are fortunate to have a special relationship with the UNamur authorities and departments. The idea is to work hand in hand with the university to help students and improve their lives. I like to use the term 'student experience' to refer to all the opportunities offered to us as students on the Namur campus, whether in terms of involvement, activities, sport, culture, etc.

Making these activities known to as many people as possible, but also innovating and continuing to offer new activities or new projects to help students make the most of their time in Namur. We'd also like to make a real mark on our student involvement by getting even more involved with Télévie or by moving forward with environmental projects. Finally, on a personal level, communication with students, the creation of meeting places and the mental health of students are issues that are close to my heart.

What are the AGE's plans for 2023-2024?

Internally, the AGE will soon be undergoing a major change, as we will be moving into a new space just a few metres from our old office. This will be the perfect place to bring together the various student assemblies.

On the political side, we're focusing on a number of issues: reform of the academic calendar, student insecurity and campus infrastructure. The aim is also to give new meaning to the Student Council and to provide better training for student delegates. We will also continue to make progress on key issues such as student insecurity and the environment. A number of discussions are also underway with UNamur on issues such as student involvement, the role of culture and food provision. There's a lot that can be done from a political point of view, and we're lucky enough to have a good relationship with the university authorities, so let's make the most of it to improve student life on campus.

During my first two years at the AGE, I've also had the pleasure of working on new projects that are close to my heart: the AGE'nda, which is 100% produced by the AGE and distributed to students at the start of the academic year, Welcome Day in September and the Grand Quiz de l'UNamur (also open to members of staff). We look forward to continuing these projects and, of course, trying to make them even better. Cultural activities (films, radio, etc.) and sports (Koh-Lanta for students, fun sports sessions, etc.) will also be on the programme to round off the entertainment on offer. Not forgetting the usual blockbusters: Bal des Bleus on 26 September 2023, Saint-Nicolas Day on 6 December 2023 and the Fête de l'Université on 28 March 2024.

We also want to relaunch the University Gala, innovate in non-biblical activities and reach out to even more students by diversifying the campus experience. All of this will be done in collaboration with the various assemblies and student groups.

What are the strengths of the new AGE team?

Kevin Persoons Président AGE 2023

This new board represents a wide range of profiles, with both freshness and experience. What the whole team has in common is a desire to get involved in a meaningful project. Several of them were already members of the AGE last year, while others have extensive experience in their field. I'm thinking in particular of Séverine, former president of ImproNam, and Youlan, who is involved in CSLabs. Lastly, we've been getting on very well with the assemblies for several years now, and that's sure to continue this year with Théo, Jules and Margaux.

On a personal note, what do you expect from this experience of chairing the AGE?

Taking part in student life on campus, and in particular the AGE, is very rewarding from both a personal and professional point of view: teamwork, responsibility, event management, taking the initiative... For a third year, it's obviously a kind of achievement, and a show of confidence too. I'm a curious person by nature and I'm looking forward to learning more and more in the new year.

A word for your predecessors?

I'd like to thank my two predecessors, Jeanne and Mathias (Chairman during my first term), but above all I'd like to thank the teams at the two AGE offices who helped me to discover so many things about myself and about managing projects and events. These are obviously very enriching encounters from a professional point of view, but they are also and above all incredible human encounters that give this adventure real meaning. The AGE is really an opportunity to experience some incredible moments, which we'll remember for a long time, and which also opens many doors for us.

More info about the AGE on the UNamur webpages (in French)