In the province of Namur, the Confluent des Savoirs, the UNamur research dissemination and awareness unit, coordinates and organises the event for the province's higher education establishments (UNamur, Henallux and Haute École de la Province de Namur) and scientific and cultural partners.

This year again, many members of the university community (researchers, doctoral students, laboratory technicians, students, etc.) were involved in helping the public discover the sciences, studies, scientific professions, and share the university's knowledge and know-how.

Throughout the week, during the day and in the evening, and on Saturdays, fun visits, interactive activities, laboratories and demonstrations were offered to schools and those curious about science and technology.

UNamur students' science popularisation competition

As part of the English course of the Baccalaureate 1 in science and medicine, students were introduced to the oral popularisation of scientific concepts in the form of videos. The most convincing videos were selected for the competition. Secondary school students and visitors to the Printemps des Sciences were asked to vote for the best video. More than 450 people voted for their favourite videos (results to be announced soon).

The Mapathon: a humanitarian mapping event

In a few hours in a family atmosphere, volunteers contributed to a little-known dimension of humanitarian aid: the mapping of vulnerable areas. The maps produced open up new access routes for humanitarian aid (Médecins Sans Frontières and the Red Cross).

A show about mathematics and computers

A show staged and performed by "Open Doors" which tells the fascinating story of how Alan Turing and his team managed to decipher Enigma, the Nazis' secret code. The show allowed schools and the general public to learn about the birth of computing, the links between research and innovation, artificial intelligence, and the difficulty of living in a homophobic society when you are "different".

A day to discover science and technology

Throughout the day on Saturday 25 March, numerous scientific and technological activities were offered to those who were curious about science. A series of conferences on space, demonstrations of physics and robotics, an escape game on women scientists and a visit to the Antoine Thomas Astronomical Observatory were all activities that allowed the public to discover the diversity of science and technology.

School activities to explore science and technology

Throughout the week, numerous activities were offered to schools by universities, colleges and scientific and cultural partners. From the exploration of the brain to the discovery of robotics, from a laboratory on micro-organisms to a journey through biodiversity, or even the activities of mathematics students, the research institutes and departments of UNamur allowed pupils and teachers to visit and participate in fun, interactive and participative activities.

The 2023 edition in a few figures


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