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The respect of ecosystems through sustainable and local food is at the heart of the May'AGE project, initiated within the University Community Life Service (VéCU) and carried out by the General Assembly of Students (AGE) in partnership with Camille Calicis, researcher at the Department of Education and Technology and member of the Institute of Research in Didactics and Education of UNamur (IRDENa) and beekeeping trainer.

The objective of this project? The creation of a space to raise awareness of pollinating insects in the garden of the Carmel student residence in Jambes. The project aims to transform the garden into a flowery meadow and to set up an apiary favouring a native and endangered species of bee, the Apis mellifera mellifera. This objective was achieved as the first Kenyan hive was set up during the month of May 2022. A swarm has been installed and honey has already been collected by the students. The Recy'Kot project recovered beeswax to make products in a responsible way, such as candles, cosmetics, etc.

The project leaders were able to rely on the UNamur "Jerome Fund" to finance the purchase of seeds, beehives, beekeeping outfits and equipment, training and the creation of educational panels for the awareness-raising activities that will be carried out around the apiary.

An inaugural day will take place during the academic year 2022-2023 to make the project known to the members of the university and to propose activities and awareness-raising actions to the students.