• Issues: An article on ChatGPT and the opportunity that this conversational robot represents for teaching.
  • Our Expert: Alison Forrester, professor and FNRS-qualified researcher, member of the NARILIS research institute, explains her research on the process of protein production.
  • Eureka: Discover Specularia, a project that is part of a scientific and educational innovation process within the Department of Art History and Archaeology.
  • Impact: Focus on the Printemps des Sciences, an event to discover, experiment and share the diversity of science and technology.
  • Guest: Interview with our guest Thomas Gunzig, writer, scriptwriter and teacher.  The full interview of Thomas Gunzig is available in English here...
  • Far away:  Meet Jelena Luyts, a doctoral student in geography, who is interested in population adaptations and environmental changes in rural Senegal.
  • Tomorrow learn: Raising awareness among medical students to detect domestic violence.
  • The day when: A look back at 10 years of master's courses in biomedical sciences.
  • Alumni: Heading to Antarctica with Johan Barthelemy, alumni of the Mathematics Department. An expert in artificial intelligence, he recently took part in a mission to Antarctica to study the moss present on various sites and map them.

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Omalius 28 - Mars 2023

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