Many activities (workshops, laboratories, experiments, public demonstrations, shows, screenings, conferences, etc.) are offered and led free of charge by teachers, researchers and students from universities and colleges of higher education, as well as by their partners (museums, associations, companies, etc.).

A theme: “Diversities”

This year, meet science and technology enthusiasts and dive into the heart of their discoveries and their daily lives around the theme "Diversities". A real red thread, unifying and transdisciplinary, it invites you to discover the diversity in science and technology: diversity of study subjects, disciplines, professions, methods and approaches, but also diversity of genres.

The Printemps des Sciences is a major event for scientific and technological culture (STEM) in Wallonia and Brussels. Initiated by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the event is coordinated by the network and organized by French-speaking universities and colleges, with the support of La Première.

For a whole week, many free activities are offered to students from kindergarten to secondary 7 during the week and to all curious people in the evenings, Wednesday afternoons and weekends.

The Printemps des Sciences arouses curiosity and develops the scientific culture of students and the general public. Every year, teachers find ideas to enrich their teaching of science, technology, technology and mathematics (in other words, STEM).

The objectives of the Printemps des Sciences are long-term and are multiple:

  • Improve the general perception of science and technology;
  • Give students a more realistic perception of what science is - promotion of scientific and technological studies and careers;
  • Help teachers improve and enrich science education;
  • Encourage or confirm scientific vocations;
  • Improve the scientific culture of citizens.

Each year, nearly 50,000 visitors discover science and technology across Wallonia and Brussels during this week.

The Printemps des Sciences in the province of Namur in a few figures


available places for schools and the public


different activities


organizing higher education establishments: University of Namur, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech-ULiège, Henallux, Haute École de la Province de Namur


scientific and cultural partners

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