A teaching innovation

BIP is a short, hybrid form of mobility that allows students to spend short periods abroad (between 5 days min and 30 days max), accompanied by a certain amount of virtual learning. This spring 2023, eight students from the master’s in management sciences and management Engineering at the Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences and Management were able to take part. Organised as part of the Erasmus + programme, the theme of this first BIP was 'Customer Relationship Management'. 

The experience took place during the second semester and was organised this year by the Università Carlo Cattaneao (Italy). The Namur students spent a week there in May 2023.

Interculturality, encounters, discoveries: enthusiastic testimonials!

"It was a unique experience in professional, human and cultural terms. I've learned to work with international students, to communicate in English, to appreciate our cultural differences and to get out of my comfort zone", says Noé Ruidant. 

Porgramme BIP 2023 (2)

"For me, it's a foretaste of next year's long-term Erasmus, and I can't wait! There were some superb encounters, both on the Belgian side and with other nationalities, and we learnt so much about ourselves and others in just one week. Teaching methods and attitudes differ from country to country and from nationality to nationality; it was fascinating to discover all that," says Mélissa Olimar. 

"It's a wonderful experience, where you discover new cultures and other students", says Méline Praile. 

"I loved meeting the Finnish/Italian/German students, it was really enriching to discover other cultures and other ways of working. We also had the chance to do a lot of sightseeing (Milan, Lake Como, Ferrero, Barolo, etc.). In short, the trip was a perfect blend of work, visits and meetings," sums up Romain Otte. 

"I'd like to mention the intercultural aspect which, both in teaching and in managing group projects, has been very captivating and enriching. As well as the personal and professional encounters, the various exchanges helped me to improve my independence and my English. Finally, the activities on offer have enabled me to discover Europe and companies from different angles, which is even better in a CRM course", says Maxime Corbisier-Baland.

"This programme enabled us to travel, meet incredible people, discover new cultures and visit companies, all while following an extremely interesting course. Memorable memories guaranteed", says Melvin Romain. 

Programme BIP 2023

The BIP 2023 programme in figures


partner universities in the project


Professors from these different universities involved in the programme (including Prof. Pietro Zidda for FSESG)


participating students (Belgian, Italian, Finnish, and German)