Alison Forrester

Alison Forrester is an FNRS Qualified Researcher and a member of the Namur Research Institute for Life Sciences (NARILIS).  Her research group is based in the Cell Biology Research Unit (URBC).

Her interdisciplinary research currently focuses on the modulation of protein secretion by mammalian cells and how this may relate to the treatment of diseases associated with aberrant secretion. Alison is an expert in advanced bio-imaging techniques and uses state-of-the-art technologies now available at the UNamur Morphology and Imaging platform (Morph-Im).

She has just been awarded MIS funding from the FNRS for her 'Drugging the ERE' project, in which she will combine interdisciplinary approaches involving structural biology, mass spectrometry, interactomics, advanced bioimaging and medicinal chemistry.

Alyson Forrester
Olivier Sartenaer

Olivier Sartenaer

Olivier Sartenaer is an Associate Professor at the Sciences, Philosophy and Society (SPS) department   and a member of the ESPHIN Institute.

Olivier Sartenaer's research is in the field of the philosophy of science and focuses mainly on the themes of emergence and reductionism in the natural sciences, from both an epistemological and a metaphysical point of view. Since 2019, he has been interested in the place and role of scientific discourse in society at large, focusing on the demarcation between 'genuine science' and pseudoscience. He is also interested in the cross-fertilization between epistemology and science education/science literacy. 

He was awarded a MIS funding from the FNRS for his project "Rethinking non-reductive physicalism for the 21st century".

Lieven Vandelanotte

Lieven Vandelanotte is Professor of English Language and Linguistics, Head of the Department of Germanic Languages at UNamur and a member of the NaLTT Institute.

He has worked on topics relating to the grammar and discourse of present-day English from a broadly cognitive-functional perspective, with as main current research interests the representation of speech and thought, point of view and multimodality. He is particularly interested in memes, images or videos that are widely circulated online, mainly via social media.  Rather than focusing on the rhetorical or sociological aspects, he is studying this phenomenon from a linguistic perspective. 


He was awarded a Francqui research professorship on the subject of "Grammar and use of speech and thought representation and viewpoint constructions across text and image".

Lieven Vandelanotte
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Congratulations to the three researchers!

Support from the Namur Research College (NARC)

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