5 researchers obtained an aspirant mandate allowing them to start doctoral research: Gaëtan LOUVET, Martin VLIEGHE, Adrien DEBACQ and Tom DE SMET from the Faculty of Science and Simon LAMBERT from the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters. The success rate of our doctoral researchers is 20%!


Our post-doctoral researchers have also been successful (38%), with eleven of them obtaining a 3-year research fellowship. They are Maxime LUCAS, Katy PONCIN and Loïc LÉGER from the Faculty of Science; Thomas LACOMME, Nicolas DE MAEYER, Adeline HOFFELINCK, Guillaume DE MERITENS DE VILLENEUVE, Alysson LEPEUT, Jean-Marc BAUD, Paul GUILLIBERT, and Jean-Baptiste VUILLEROD from the Faculty of Arts.

We would also like to highlight the promotion of Régis HALLEZ, Catherine MICHAUX and Laurence MEURANT to the rank of "Senior FNRS researchers".

The Télévie call also enables Florence CHAINIAUX, Yves POUMAY, Thierry ARNOULD and Anne-Catherine HEUSKIN to obtain funding to begin research on the link between cellular senescence (ageing) and skin cancers, on the mechanisms involved in breast cancer and on improving the sensitivity of cancers to radiotherapy. 

Congratulations to all!

More info about the results of the F.R.S.-FNRS calls